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Wendy Wham Mills art


Treasures of the Nest

Has moved to Please visit my new site!

Plein-air Paintings

(please click on image for larger view)

After the Storm


Boulder Creek


Yes, the water really was that blue-- reflecting the cobalt Colorado sky. A beautiful summer day near the bike path that parallels South Boulder Road near the old barn.

A Summer's Day


A turn of the road led to this beautiful scene...

A Blustery Day


…And it was a blustery day! So much so, that this canvas was ripped off of the easel by the wind, tumbling through the air, and finally coming to rest face down in the dirt; if you look closely, you can still see chips of mica still in the paint!

Evergreen Sky


Conifer Meadow

Back from loan to Sen. Bennet's office in Washington D.C.


Summer Solace

9x12 - sold

A beautiful summer day at Belmar Park, one of Lakewood, Colorado's hidden treasures. Once the exquisite ground of the Bonfils mansion (of which there are still remnants hidden about), the area is now a beautiful park; home to an amphitheatre and fairs. To the north of the bike path-- hidden in the trees-- lies a secluded boardwalk that winds around ponds, lakes, and quiet, contemplative views such as this.

Spring Rain


A small field near 70th-something & Kipling in Arvada. The field caught my eye—but the beauty of the changing clouds kept me painting through the threat of a thunderstorm, forming from the unsettled heat of the day. An umbrella that shielded the sun now held the rain off of my canvas—giggling, child-like, in the delight of my lunacy to stay (and very glad that my medium was oils); the painting continued under a steel tipped umbrella, as it rained harder, the rain punctuated by the sharp flash of lighting, and sonorous boom of thunder, but oh, the clouds! The storm quickly moved on, the sun returning through the clouds to warm a beautiful summers day.

Before the Gold II

8x10 Oil on board

Early Autumn at Church Ranch


The grasses on the land of one of the area's founding families burst with color as the seasons change, almost as if the earth is celebrating her warmth prior to the wheel turning to the icy palette of winter. I have found that almost in solidarity to the gala, during these season changes will one see the mountains this color.



Enchanted Forest


When gazing into the woods, sometimes it is so apparent that magic and wonderment are afoot. All you need to do is follow the call...